The e-NOTUM service is integrated with Representa and from the public employee portal in EACAT, it is possible to consult the representations available to the recipient of a notification and add them as additional recipients. Here's how to do it.

The notification is created in the usual way, through the employee portal.

When adding the recipient, once saved, e-NOTUM queries the Representa database if there is a representation for that natural or legal person and if so, the icon appears nt-4-edited.png

(In the screenshot we can see, for example, that Maria Rovira has no representatives and Joan Palomo does, however, since the icon appears nt-4-edited.png )


If you want to send the notification to this representative, click on the icon nt-4-edited.png , this person's information is displayed and can be added as a recipient by pressing the button repre_2.png

(In the screenshot we can see that Juan Carlos Pérez is listed as a representative of Juan Palomo and we can add him as a representative by clicking "Add representatives")


The notification is sent to all three people, sharing the same and therefore, the first to access it is as practiced.

(In the screenshot we can see that the notification is shared by all three recipients )