If the notification is addressed to more than one recipient, the option to check the "Share a single notification" option appears. Checking or unchecking this option involves the following:

  • If the check is not checked: N notifications are created ( N different IDs ) and each one is addressed to a single recipient
  • If check is checked: A single notification ( a single ID ) is created for N recipients. Everyone will receive the notice and any of them will be able to accept it, but once it is accepted or rejected by a user the rest will only be able to view it. You will see the status of the notification of the first recipient who accepted it.

In this sense, if what you want is to know the status of the notifications sent to all recipients, you must keep in mind to make the notification in the first way indicated, that is, creating N notifications for N recipients.


Note: This information will not be reflected in the notification information.

To find out you can access the e-NOTUM and check if you see N notifications (N different ID's) which means that the check was not checked. And if you see a single notification (single id) for all recipients it means yes.