First steps for integration

Option 1.- If you do not yet have the service:

If you are interested in using the e-NOTUM service from your own application, what you need to do is:

  • Complete the service registration request , indicating that you want to access the service through web services and completing the integration annex, with the following data:
    • IP from which the application will consume the service.
    • Public key of the Digital Application Certificate (CDA) that will identify the application.
  • The integration support team will contact the indicated contact person to provide them with the necessary information and documentation to begin developing your integration with the e-NOTUM service.
  • Implementation of integration tests in the pre-production environment.
  • Setting up the production environment. If you have completed the service registration process, you can make production requests.

Option 2.- If you already have the service for use through the white label screens, but you want to integrate it with your own software:

You can request integration from us by attaching the integration document (duly completed and digitally signed, in PDF format) to the integration support contact form . Once done, we will get in touch with the indicated contact person to inform him of the steps to follow later and we will require the information we need to be able to continue with the integration work.