In order to carry out the webService tests in the pre-production environment, we would need the public IPs with which you will access our environments.

Additionally, the public key (.cer) of the CDA certificate with which you will sign the XML requests via webService.

In the following link you can download the integration form where you can inform the IPs together with the other necessary data, and send it to us digitally signed in PDF format:

What data does the AOC Consortium need to integrate me with the service?

In case you integrate via webservice for the first time with the services of the AOC Consortium, you will need the integration documentation of the Interadministrative Collaboration Platform (PCI). To be able to consume the services of the AOC Consortium, you must do so through the PCI. The PCI is a set of systems and components aimed at the total availability of services with maximum security guarantees in the service and in access to the data. The following documentation contains the PCI messaging specifications.

The AOC Consortium, with the aim of facilitating the development of integrations, puts at your disposal the following PCI example clients:

The specific integration documentation for the requested service is available at:
Integration documentation and Schemas >>

Once you finish the tests, you will have to perform the test set and fill in the docx ( Test sets to be performed once registered in pre-production ) so that we can validate the integration carried out and formalize the move to production.