If you detect that an electronic notification is erroneous or inappropriate, you can cancel it technically, regardless of the state in which it is (pending acceptance, accepted or rejected). This state is a final state, and therefore can no longer be modified.

Once canceled, the electronic notification will appear in the management space of your organization (in a canceled state), but it will not be visible from the e-NOTUM citizen portal. The recipient of the notification will not receive any notice of cancellation.

Keep in mind, however, that the cancellation of notifications is provided for those cases where, for example, material or arithmetical errors are seen in the administrative act subject to notification, errors in the recipients themselves or the competition of causes of full legal nullity, circumstances linked to the administrative procedure, and which each of us can decide to apply according to its internal protocol

In other words, the technical annulment of the notification is a functional issue that does not exempt the body that practices the notification from justifying the decision to annul it as appropriate (for example, in an act or resolution administrative).

How do I cancel a notification from the EACAT screens?

Access the list of notifications and find the one you want to cancel.



Click the "Cancel" button


Indicate the reason for cancellation (required)


The notification will be cancelled.


How do I cancel a notification via integration?

In relation to service users who use the integration modality, the e-NOTUM 4.0 messaging already incorporates this new functionality and therefore, if you have this version, you can do it directly through the messaging . Consult your service provider for its incorporation.

For those using previous versions of messaging (3.0*, 3.1 or 3.2), in order to cancel a notification we offer two options:

  • Carry it out via screens EACAT: the user must have the employee role in the department where the notification to cancel was created (and follow the steps described in the previous section)
  • Carry it out (temporarily) by opening a request to the User Service Center and: indicating the notification number to be canceled and the reason for cancellation. The reason for the cancellation is mandatory and without it, it will not be possible to cancel it.

*This messaging is obsolete and will be discontinued on December 15, 2024.

How do I cancel a notification if I am a body of the Generalitat?

In relation to the bodies of the Generalitat, we recommend migrating to the new messaging version e-NOTUM 4.0 which will incorporate, among other things, this new functionality.

Currently, however, in order to cancel a notification you must open a request to the User Service Center indicating:

  • Title: eNOTUM- Disable notifications.
  • Content of the request:
    • notification number to cancel.
    • registration number of the notification.
    • NIF/NIE or passport of the recipient.
    • reason for the cancellation (it is mandatory and without it, it will not be possible to proceed with the cancellation).